Sciatica Foot Pain – Can Sciatica Cause Foot Pain?

sciatica foot pain

The feet bear the weight of the rest of the body and in some ways, they take a beating for it. Foot pain is one of the afflictions that most people suffer at some point in their lives. Sometimes it may just come up from an issue on the outside, like shoes that don’t fit well, or it may also stem from within the body. Among the problems that can cause foot pain is an issue of the lower back or an issue of the sciatic nerve brought about by the spine. This is what can be termed as sciatica foot pain. Let’s look at how all these issues may be linked.

Can sciatica cause foot pain?

Sciatica, which is medically known as radicular pain, occurs from an inflammation of a nerve in the spine that now radiates down the sciatic nerve. This nerve is what serves the hips, buttocks, back of the knee and lower leg muscles, and offers feeling to the thigh’s back and feet soles. Foot pain can be caused by a sciatic problem that can emanate from or be related to a spine issue.

Whereby foot pain occurs accompanied by pain in the leg, it is very likely that it is due to an issue or problem in the lumbar region. Foot pain may result from an unrelated lower back issue and a back issue may be the origin of an underlying sciatic problem. When there is a malfunction in the lumbar back area, problems of the nerves that go into other parts of the body may come up. This includes nerves that go into the foot and stem from this zone. Lower back issues such as lumbar spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, and a herniated lumbar disc may cause sciatica and eventual foot pain.

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Any issue that affects or causes pain of the sciatic nerve is bound to bring about foot pain. Remember, the foot is part of the course of the sciatic nerve. This nerve runs or originates from the lower back, goes down through each side of the buttocks, to the back thigh, leg, and branches to the foot. If any part of this nerve is affected due to a herniated disc, compression, or trauma, or by being aggravated, then pain may be experienced within the nerve’s pathway and this includes the foot.

If you are suffering from foot pain that is a result of a sciatic issue, then you need to beware that it will mostly be localized in the foot only.

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Common foot pain issues that may be experienced

Sciatic symptoms include a sharp pain, needle-like sensations, numbness or weakness. Foot pain that stems due to a spine and sciatic issue may have the following symptoms:

  • The inability and difficulty in flexing the ankle of the affected foot when raising the foot’s front up. This heaviness or weakness is what is termed as foot drop and will originate due to a compression of the spine’s L5 nerve root. This problem produces pain that radiates down the calf’s outside, over the foot, and ends at the big toe.
  • The inability to move up the foot that is affected. Hereby, you experience a difficulty when raising the foot, what may be termed as heel walk. You will mostly drag the foot and this symptom may be paired with a feeling of numbness and/or pain felt in the lower foot and lower leg. Heel walk can come about when a nerve linked to the sciatic nerve is affected.
  • A tiptoeing difficulty. The bottom of the foot suffers intense pain and raising the heel becomes almost possible. With this symptom, further weakness may be felt in the gastrocnemius calf muscle and walking or driving becomes difficult. This will come up due to compression of the S1 spinal nerve.


Sciatica foot pain is a common issue that many may not be aware of especially, where it results from an issue related to the spine. We hope that this article has been helpful in letting you see how a sciatic issue related to the spine may bring about this pain. Remember to always seek professional advice where you experience the symptoms discussed for a more accurate diagnosis and cause of treatment.

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