Lumbago With Sciatica – Explanations, Treatments & Solutions

lumbago with sciatica

Whether you are talking to someone or you are just trying to learn more about your back pain over the Internet, you will most likely run into two common terms – lumbago and sciatica. While different, they have similar symptoms and they might be difficult to differentiate. The good news is whether you suffer from sciatica or lumbago with sciatica, a little education can put your back on track.

Now, what is lumbago with sciatica?

What is lumbago with sciatica?

Generally speaking, lumbago with sciatica is defined by a moderate pain that can become severe if overlooked for long periods of time. Practically, the pain starts in the lower back. With time, it starts radiating down into one leg. Very rarely, the pain will travel down to both legs. The good news is you can get rid of it in no time if you pay attention to the cause and make some lifestyle changes.

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General exercises can be part of both the prevention and the treatment of such affections. Once your diagnosis is given, you need to focus on strengthening the core and maintaining it that way. You want full flexibility and functionality around the joints as well, especially around the affected areas – mostly the hips and spine.

Now, when the pain goes down through a leg, your doctor will most likely diagnose you with sciatica. If the pain persists in the lower back but fails to travel down, chances are you are dealing with the most common type of back pain out there – this is what defines lumbago. Lumbago with sciatica is often referred to as sciatica only.

Causes associated with lumbago with sciatica

There are more causes behind this condition and they mostly relate to discomfort, unhealthy poses, long hours in a chair and so on. Obviously, a trauma or an injury can be just as harmful, but generally speaking, such affections represent the effect of an unhealthy lifestyle, which mostly revolves around the things you do at work.

Such things will usually irritate the sciatic nerve, which begins in the lower back and travels through your legs. A herniated disc in the spine can be just as harmful, not to mention harsh situations that involve prolapsed discs in the spine. Most commonly, the issue is caused by pain from joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

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Treating lumbago with sciatica

Many treatment solutions imply making some lifestyle changes. For example, you will be told to avoid lifting heavy stuff. You should also avoid sitting in particular positions, not to mention sitting for long periods of time. In other words, staying active is the way to go forward, yet you need to do it with caution and some restrictions in mind.

Keeping inactive and resting all day long will keep the back with limited functionality – the last thing you want. Overprotecting your back is not an idea. Instead, walk, stand, sit down and repeat. It is alright to sit down, but you need to stand up and move every now and then. Your muscles will stay active then instead of going stiff.

Rehabilitation represents another common solution in the treatment of lumbago with sciatica. You will need particular exercises that can work on your back. Cardio training is great to keep active, but aerobics will also help. You want more strength and functionality, as well as stabilization. All these exercises are mild and less likely to cause more discomfort.

Ideally, you should perform the exercises to a comfortable point. If you experience acute discomfort, you have gone too far, so reduce the intensity. The same rule applies if the pain aggravates and becomes more severe. Such exercises should not be too mild either, so find a balance between a bit of a challenge and comfort.

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Do not overdo it

Doing everything by the book will cause lumbago with sciatica to lose its intensity. The pain will be less severe. As a direct consequence, you can slightly increase the intensity of your exercises, but also go back to more and more daily activities. It can take anywhere between 12 and 24 weeks to get back to normal though. In other words, even if you feel better, it does not mean that you can quit the rehabilitation program.

Now, training is not supposed to aggravate or cause pain. However, exercising pain is acceptable. It is the type of pain that will not cause too much discomfort – the pain that will go away once you are done with your workout. On the same note, stretching exercises may also feel painful, but the pain is gone once the stretch is over.

Generally speaking, exercises and physical activity are considered the main types of treatments for lumbago with sciatica. You need to stay in good shape and work on the back muscles. Even after the affection is gone, maintaining a strong muscle is still a good idea to prevent sciatica flareups. Some of these changes should persist forever.

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Is medication an option?

Medication is not an option for sciatica or lumbago with sciatica. It will not heal the affection. Instead, medication is an option when the pain is too severe and the patient requires some painkillers to overcome it and engage into various daily activities.

Medication has potential side effects and painkillers can even cause addiction. Therefore, most people will try to overcome this affection with natural treatments before switching to actual medication. There are natural alternatives to painkillers as well – at the end of the day, it depends on how severe the pain is. If you are not sure, simply seek advice from your specialist doctor.

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Bottom line, lumbago with sciatica is practically sciatica. Lumbago refers to a pain that sticks to the lower back. In sciatica, this pain can stay there, but it may also radiate down one leg or both legs. Treatments are similar and mostly focused on some healthy lifestyle changes. Eliminate the cause, keep the back strong and make a few changes to your work routine. A bit of extra rest will also help in the long run. The affection will lose its intensity as weeks go by.

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