How Your Neck Pain and Sciatica are Unknowingly Linked

Neck pain and sciatica

Mostly, sciatica and its treatments are associated with problems of the lower back- pelvis and lumbar spine disorders. This may be true in some scenarios but sometimes, this is just where the symptoms are evident, with other parts of the spine sometimes being ignored during the determination of its cause. Neck pain and sciatica may be overlooked even where they are related and that’s why we offer you insights about the two.

The cervical spine and sciatica

The pain or the discomfort experienced with sciatica can be found in the lower back or down one of the legs, but, the real cause can also be traced up the spine; a particular misalignment at the skull’s base. The spine is built up by vertebrae. The spinal cord runs along the middle of every vertebrae and nerve roots diverge from the cord to go into each vertebra.

When these roots are affected, a pinched nerve (radiculopathy) emerges. Radiculopathy can affect any part of the spine to cause pain and this includes the neck or the cervical spine. The cervical spine, is composed of the neck and seven small vertebrae that originate from the base of the skull and end at the upper chest area. Pinching of the neck or compression can result into a tingling sensation or an agony on the shoulders, the arms, and hands. It can also cause the back to pinch, causing pain in one’s legs and feet.

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The topmost spine vertebra, or the atlas is the most freely movable and provides humans with the ability to move the head differently. Due to this, it can also shift its usual alignment resulting into spasms and abnormal muscle tension that may create imbalances along the lower back, hips, and the pelvis. The lower back feels very stressed and strained and may bring about problems that stem along the sciatic nerve. The actual origin of the problem is on the other spine’s end and relief can only be offered when the atlas is corrected.

Leg pain

Leg pain that resembles sciatica can come up due to cord compression of the cervical spine. This leg pain is usually regarded as a feigned localization of a compressed cervical cord. A compression of the spinal cord may cause pain that is experienced in the lower back or the lower body peripheries. This is what is referred to as funicular or tract pain. Funicular pain of the leg is usually an unusual presentation of the compression of the cervical cord. It is what is termed as “referred pain” and results from an irritation of the spinothalamic tract.

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Pain of the leg that presents itself as sciatica can be an evident symptom of a cervical spine issue or cervical cord compression. The presentation is usually “false” and because of that, it can lead to wrong or delayed diagnosis. Neck pain and sciatica are rather unusual conditions that may be related but also, which can be missed during a diagnosis. It is therefore very vital that a detailed diagnosis is carried out by a professional for the correct cause of action.

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