Hip Pain During Pregnancy – Causes and Remedies

hip pain during pregnancy

It is the dream of every woman to become a mom of a baby. In fact, pregnancy is bliss for a woman’s life. However, during pregnancy, women go through different complications. Hip pain during pregnancy is one of the major concerns of several women.

Almost 20% of pregnant women feel hip pain that may be sharp or dull. While women feel a sudden pain, others claim that the pain has become intense gradually. Most commonly, they have pain in the pelvic girdle parts. Some women have felt it at the back portion of the hip, whereas others have it on their sides.

Is the hip pain of pregnant women normal?

Pains are common during pregnancy, and thus, it seems to be normal to feel hip pain during pregnancy. More than 32% of pregnant women have reported hip pain. Hormones produced by your body affect your joints, and thus, they can increase the risk of injury.

In most cases, hips become painful, as they sustain your body weight and help in movement. While you stand for long hours, do physical workouts, and lie down in different positions, your hips may feel pain.


Weight gain

You may gain weight during pregnancy. Moreover, the weight gain of your baby may also cause stress to your joints and bones. Too much weight gain can result in hip pain with other feelings of discomfort.

A woman can gain 11 to 40 lbs during pregnancy. The amount may vary with your initial weight. It is normal for a healthy woman to gain 25 to 35 pounds of weight.

Thus, you do not have to lose your body weight during pregnancy. Get the instructions from your doctors before taking any step.


The level of the relaxin hormone increases when you are pregnant. This hormone helps in relaxing the tissue connecting the bones of your body. Thus, you may feel pelvic discomfort with hip pain and back pain.

Bad posture

Weight gain can affect your posture, and you can naturally find more weight near the belly. Moreover, while your baby moves slightly to another side, it can also make you feel the ache.

Some women do not maintain the right posture while holding babies on their hips. To keep up the proper posture, they have to use the right footwear during their pregnancies. Pregnant women must not lift heavy items to prevent pain. While walking, they can take breaks to avoid any bad posture and fatigue.

But, you must not sit in a place for a long period. Get up to move around to prevent strain on muscles and joints.

Sleeping position

Hip pain is common for those who sleep on their sides. Side sleeping habits can cause pressure on their joints. Although side sleeping is comfortable, it can result in problems in the long run.

One of the best tips for you is to sleep with a pillow between your knees and place your legs properly. There are pregnancy pillows with a special design to make you feel comfortable.

Pregnancy Pillow
Pregnancy pillow


Osteoporosis is one of the causes of hip pain. While hipbones get demineralized, they can cause transient osteoporosis. The painful condition turns up during your second and third trimesters. The improper level of potassium and calcium can result in this condition. Doctors diagnose the problem with an MRI.

But, after successful delivery, the symptoms of transient osteoporosis will fade away.

Painful hips during pregnancy – How to prevent it?

Some tips are effective in preventing pain in the hips during your pregnancy.

  • Try to stay active by doing low-impact workouts, including cycling, walking, and swimming. These activities are best for avoiding hip pain.
  • Check your weight regularly. You have to consume an additional 300 calories every day to promote a healthy pregnancy. 
  • Wear flat shoes during your everyday activities.
  • Practice proper posture while standing, sitting, and lifting heavy objects.
  • Do not cross your legs, as this action can trigger pelvic pain.
  • Purchase a belt intended for pregnant women to sustain the hip joints.
  • Go to a certified therapist’s clinic for regular prenatal massages. It helps in loosening your muscles.

How to relieve hip pain during pregnancy

To reduce severe hip pain during your pregnancy, you can visit the clinic of a chiropractor. Inform him about your pregnancy to promote the right treatment.


As your hips get tightened, stretching will make you feel comfortable. Yoga is a physical workout safe for pregnant women. However, some yoga poses may be risky for you. That is why you can rely on a professional yoga instructor before choosing any pose.

Still, some commonly chosen yoga poses for pregnant women are-

  • Child pose– You have to extend your arms while tucking your toes. Bring the hips to the backside and spread your knees wider. Place your head properly on the ground.
childs pose
  • Cow pose– Position yourself like a cow with your bent knees touching the ground. Drop the belly slowly towards your yoga mat and arch your spine. Restore your normal position after a few minutes.

Pain relievers

Although pain-relieving medications can reduce your hip pain, you must not take them without a physician’s instructions. The physician will also guide you on the dosage of the medications. Acetaminophen may be safe for pregnant women.

Warm compression

A warm bath is effective for treating hip pain. The application of warmth promotes the flow of blood to your hips. You can reduce your muscle spasms and joint stiffness with warm compression.

Use a heating pad to treat the affected part. You may also soak a damp towel in some warm water and apply it for 10 to 15 minutes. However, there is no need to apply it directly to your abdomen. Moreover, the water must not be very hot, as it may be risky. It is also good to add some Epsom salt to the water to release tight muscles.

Visit the massage therapist’s clinic

Your massage therapist knows how to treat the parts near your hip. You may also do leg massage and hip massage safely at your home.

When to look for a doctor’ help

Hip pain during your pregnancy is normal. However, you can consult a healthcare professional when the pain prevents you from doing regular activities. For instance, you may talk to your physician when you feel pain during walking.

Moreover, severe pain needs your attention, as it may be the symptom of preterm labor. You can feel stomach cramping for 10 to 12 minutes.


You have now learned about the causes and treatments of hip pain during pregnancy. Take the right step to stay safe and prevent any pain.

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