Walking and Sciatica – Is Walking Good For Sciatica?

sciatica and walking

Some people believe that walking is bad for sciatica. Others believe that it is the ultimate ‘’cure’’. So, is walking good for sciatica or it is something you need to eliminate from your life? The answer will be presented to you below. We will need a few minutes of your time and you will get a complete idea about the link between the activity and the condition.

Is walking good for sciatica?

The shortest answer we can give you is yes. As a matter of fact, this is the first treatment a doctor may recommend to you and one of the most effective. It works well with all people, of all ages and it is the simplest treatment you can get.

There was a study that proved that walking can decrease the risk of sciatica by 33%. This study evaluated over 35.000 people. We also know that walking decreases pain and inflammation. It helps with recovery and is especially effective after surgery.

According to the latest research, bed rest may be less effective than doctors believe. The alternative is walking. It is more often recommended by experts these days and patients are known to enjoy a faster recovery, better results, and protection from sciatica in general.

Walking and sciatica

If you are in pain, walking 20 miles is impossible. That’s why you need a program that will help you get the best advantages and perks but protect your body from possible issues such as injuries or simple discomfort. To begin with, you need to walk 3 miles per hour. It is slow and it is mandatory. You need to walk for 5 minutes.

The next main thing is to keep a proper posture. This is done by keeping your head in an up position and looking straight.  Never look at the ground as you walk. This increases the pressure on your neck and neck muscles. It will also cause your spine to be in an unnatural position which can contribute to back pain! When you keep a proper posture, your spine is completely straight and the risk of strain or injury is eliminated.

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While you walk, land on the area between the arch and the heel. One leg must be on the ground at all times, so avoid any stunts or more advanced activities. Do not run and do not jump. Always move slowly and rest when you must. Walking when the pain is severe is complicated and almost impossible but can be very effective.

Best walking shoes for sciatica

Shoes have a huge role in all of this. You need supportive shoes that will keep your feet in proper position and make walking more comfortable. There are special shoes for this purpose and you may even need a help of a doctor to pick the best pair. They are beneficial to wear around the house as well.

Does walking help sciatica?

Once you develop your muscles and you can walk further, do it. Slowly increase the mileage you walk and the speed. Your goal should be to walk 20-30 minutes per day. It is irrelevant where you walk. It is important to get the physical activity we are discussing here and to promote your recovery. Yes, it is possible and walking can help you with that.

When the weather is bad, you will need to use a treadmill. This is the best alternative and it is very common among people suffering from sciatica. After all, you can walk when the temperature outside is extremely low.

walking on treadmill

Last but not least, use a cane or brace when walking at first. Some of you may need these accessories and they are mandatory. They will help you walk longer and keep a proper posture and prevent risk from other injuries.


Is walking good for sciatica or it is bad? Now you know the complete answer. In the end, all we can add is that all people regardless of sciatica or not should walk every single day. If you suffer from back pain, walking is even more important and even essential. Start slow, gradually increase the miles you walk, and stay protected. The improvements can be noticed after a few days only, which makes walking even better.

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