6 Acupressure Points for Sciatica

acupressure points for sciatic pain

Sciatic pain can be debilitating and every patient wishes they can stop or manage the pain. One of the ways through which patients can manage the pain is by use of acupressure. Pressure is applied on acupressure points for sciatica to relieve pain, numbness, and tingling. Research shows that applying this pressure is beneficial and can promote wellness and muscle relaxation.

Using acupressure for sciatica

Acupressure works through the concept of allowing energy flow throughout the body’s meridians (body pathways or channels through which energy flows). It clears any energy blockages by applying pressure to the specific points. Activating an acupressure point feels different for different points.

Pressure is applied using the fingers or a round object like a spiky or tennis ball. When you hold an acupressure point, you may feel pain in a different part of the body. This is called referred pain and it occurs within areas that are related.

Acupressure points for sciatica

The main acupressure points for sciatica are situated along the meridians of the bladder and gallbladder and include;

1. Gallbladder 29

Situated in the hipbone’s depression, this is a practical point for sciatica that radiates from the hips. Applying pressure on this point relieves pain in the hips and also the lower extremities.

gallbladder 29
SOURCE: https://www.peakmassager.com/gb-29-acupuncture-point/

2. Gallbladder 30

The point exists deep under the gluteal muscles, one third between the hip outside the buttock and the sacrum. This is a great point since the sciatic nerve is found under the piriformis muscle. Placing pressure relaxes the piriformis to reduce strain and offer relief.

Gallbladder 30
SOURCE: https://www.miridiatech.com/news/2016/05/acupuncture-point-gallbladder-30/

3. Gallbladder 40

This point is located at an angle under the external malleolus within the depression that laterally exists on the digitorum longus muscle extensor’s tendon. Clearing this point opens the hip and leg out of cramping and also relieves foot tension. Being a source point, it automatically “turns off” after enough pressure is attained and therefore, it cannot be overstimulated.

Gallbladder 40
SOURCE: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/522699100498196039/

4. Urinary Bladder 23

This point is situated on one’s lower back and exists halfway between the hip bone and the lowest ribs, on each side of the muscles that run up the spine. This point will reduce muscle tension for pain relief.

Urinary Bladder 23
SOURCE: https://www.massagegearguru.com/5-acupressure-points-to-relieve-lower-back-pain/

5. Urinary Bladder 40

It is directly located at the center of the posterior crease of each knee. The point will offer pain relief by treating every major pain sensation that one experiences along the spine. It also controls and relieves muscle spasms, stiffness of the knee, leg pain, and dissipates any excessive heat in the body. The point reduces sciatic pain that involves the nerves stemming from the lower back.

Urinary Bladder 40
SOURCE: https://www.pinterest.cl/pin/540361655279059031/

6. Urinary bladder 62

Found just below the ankle bone and outside of each ankle, this point relieves lumbar spinal tension and anxiety. It is effective in pain treatment associated with the back or the leg. Pairing it with the small intestine 3 treats pain in the upper back, spine, and lower back.

Urinary bladder 62
SOURCE: https://www.bigtreehealing.com/relieve-back-pain-using-master-points/

Final Thoughts

Acupressure points for sciatica give the patient a safe and accessible treatment option for alleviating the pain. It is also an effective treatment that offers an alternative to drugs and sometimes surgery.

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