Benefits of Cupping for Sciatica

cupping for sciatica

Sciatica is one of the most common conditions out there and the sensations associated with it can seriously affect the patient’s lifestyle. The pain can be excruciating at times and will most likely aggravate if you ignore it for too long – it tends to go down one leg, but also around the hips and lower back.

Sciatica is not just the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and a fragile body, but it can also be caused by various other aspects – such as an injury or trauma, not to mention pregnancy. For most people, however, the affection creeps up to them in the long run and will hit out of nowhere.

Sciatica takes time to heal and many procedures target the actual pain sensations, which reduce the quality of life. Treatments are usually natural, yet painkillers can be given to ameliorate pains. Now, some techniques seem to be better than others – this is when cupping for sciatica kicks in.

What cupping actually does?

Cupping, acupuncture and needles go hand in hand. They are all used together to come up with a suction (sometimes, a vibration) that will help the body in healing by itself. Cupping promotes a self-healing attitude and detoxifies the body, leading to a faster recovery process.

Cupping creates some vacuums around the affected areas. Once the procedure is done, practitioners may also use needles – sometimes, in the affected areas. The technique is known to stimulate the body to produce more endorphins, meaning it will reduce the body’s response to pain.

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Benefits of cupping for sciatica

Cupping for sciatica features a wide variety of benefits. Generally speaking, the procedure is known for improving circulation. Your blood circulation becomes more efficient, meaning nutrients are spread around the body faster and toxins are eliminated in no time.

Apart from getting rid of toxins, the body will also eliminate congealed blood. The process keeps the blood pressure under control and pushes toxins out of the body. As a direct consequence, the body will learn to heal faster.

A better circulation will also imply less inflammation. After all, this is the main reason wherefore people try to find something that works against sciatica. The pain can prevent certain movements and affect the quality of life – plus, it is progressive if left untreated.

Cupping will remove more than just random toxins in the body. There are more substances that can accumulate around the sciatic nerve and contribute to the development overtime. The technique eliminates all these substances.

Applying cups around the sciatic nerve will reduce the pain. Most practitioners will start at the lower back, but they will also go down towards the affected leg. The best part about this treatment? There are no side effects associated with it.

At the same time, cupping brings in a fully natural treatment in a professional environment. The pain is the harshest sign of sciatica and this is what you want to get rid of. The easy way implies taking painkillers and many doctors will actually recommend or prescribe them.

The bad news about painkillers is the fact they are chemicals. Unlike cupping, they are not natural. Therefore, they do come with all kinds of side effects. Some of them can even cause addiction in the long run if abused.

Cupping is not invasive procedure

While it may look a bit stressful for less experienced patients, the truth is cupping for sciatica is not an invasive procedure. It will not cause any issues at all. More severe cases of sciatica may require a surgery – very few cases though. If you end up in this situation, cupping could be the way to overcome the affection in a noninvasive manner.

While cupping often ends with a needle session, some experts rely on more modern electric acupuncture instead. Basically, you will no longer feel the needles, but you will experience some mild vibrations down the needles.

Both the classic acupuncture and the modern one will practically reduce the painful sensations by stimulating the natural production of endorphins. The pain will be ameliorated after the first session only – obviously, more sessions are required for those suffering from severe sciatica.


As a short final conclusion, cupping for sciatica might be the ultimate way to overcome sciatica and get rid of the problematic pains. Indeed, there are more ways to solve this issue and you will most likely need to make multiple changes in your lifestyle. Results will not hesitate to show up though.

Cupping is mostly aimed at those suffering from severe sciatica. But on the same note, people with mild symptoms can also annihilate it at an early stage, before the pains affect the quality of life. Despite painkillers being more convenient, their side effects and risks of addiction contraindicate them.

On the other hand, cupping is 100% natural and there are no side effects with it.​

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