What Causes Sciatica Buttock Pain? Find Out With Certainty

what causes sciatica buttock pain

Pain in the buttock(s) can be very uncomfortable and may result into too much worry but most causes of pain in the buttocks will go away within a period of time. The pain that radiates along the course of the sciatic nerve is what is termed as sciatica. Sciatica has been linked to buttock pain for many patients but, most of them may or may not be fully aware of what causes sciatica buttock pain. If you are among the people in this category, you need to read on to find out the details.

What causes sciatica buttock pain?

Sciatica can cause nerve pain in the buttock(s) since, the right or left buttock is part of the sciatic nerve’s course. The sciatic nerve traces its path from the lumbar spine and down the buttocks, before proceeding to the back of the leg, then to the foot. This condition will develop if part of the sciatic nerve close to the spinal canal is pinched.

Conditions that can cause sciatica buttock pain

1. Herniated disc

Sciatica is mostly caused by a herniated disc or what can be referred to as, a slipped disc. With a herniated disc, the gel-like filling that is found within discs and cushions each vertebra pushes through and oozes into the outer covering. This puts pressure on the nerves that are in close proximity causing pain. If you have a herniated disc that is lowly located below the spine, you may experience buttock pain.

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2. Piriformis syndrome

Having piriformis syndrome may lead to sciatica and eventual buttock pain. The piriformis muscle runs from the lower spine (front of the sacrum) to the upper region of the femur, the largest thigh bone. If this muscle pushes the sciatic nerve down, pain can be experienced in the buttock.

The sciatic nerve passes directly underneath this muscle but for some, it passes directly through it causing piriformis syndrome. If the muscle is inflamed, it swells and compresses the sciatic nerve causing pain. Buttock pain may result from a pinched nerve in the hip. An irritation of the piriformis muscle or a nearby structure like the hip can cause the muscle to spasm.

3. Spondylolisthesis

Spondylolisthesis is another cause of sciatic pain and without a doubt, it can result into the pain of the buttock. This condition will occur once a vertebra slips out of its spinal position due to a stress fracture. This presses the sciatic nerve or even a different nerve and pain will be felt.

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4. Deep Gluteal Syndrome

Deep Gluteal Syndrome (DGS) may bring about buttock pain. DGS is deep buttock pain that comes up when the sciatic nerve is entrapped in the gluteal zone. Pain results from the pushing of the nerves by the skin, muscles, and blood vessels. Muscles within the gluteal area may also suffer a strain due to overstretching or pulling, to bring about pain.

Sciatica will be brought about by spinal stenosis. In this scenario, the spinal canal narrows gradually, putting pressure on the spinal cord and the nerve roots that exist within it. The sciatic nerve emanates from the lumbar spine. If the sciatic nerve or its nerve roots are affected, buttock pain may result.

If the spinal cord suffers an injury or trauma, especially on the area around the lower back, the sciatic nerve may be affected and this may cause the pain that you feel within your buttock.


Sciatica in itself is not a condition but a symptom brought about by an underlying condition.

With buttock pain that comes about due to sciatica, you will experience symptoms like numbness, weakness, shooting pain, and/or a sensation of pins and needles. This pain may become worse with sitting over very long periods or it may be exacerbated by walking and some exercises.

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Final Thoughts

Buttock pain is commonly caused by sciatica. Any problem that may bring about issues of the sciatic nerve is part of what causes sciatica buttock pain. Sciatic nerve issues such as pain will mostly result from the conditions highlighted and discussed above. If you have been struggling with buttock pain for a while, or you currently suffer from it, it is important to seek medical help for a proper diagnosis and treatment. This is because buttock pain caused by sciatica may originate from several issues. Being sure is what is best!

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