3 Stages of Sciatica Recovery You Need to Know About

Stages of Sciatica

Sciatica is a condition that affects the sciatic nerve. It is most common among people aged 45-65 and it affects millions. When the sciatic nerve is under pressure or injured, you can develop this condition. Recovery is long but simple. Keep in mind that there are 3 stages of sciatica recovery and today we will explain all of them.

Stages Of Sciatica

1. Resting only

The first of 3 stages of sciatica recovery is the most obvious. You are in pain and you have problems moving, you are upset and physical activity or any activity is a nightmare. This is a stage where you need to sit and rest. Lie down and try to minimalize the pain. If necessary, use painkillers such as naproxen and ibuprofen. You may want to visit a doctor and get a prescription. If you have been suffering from sciatica longer than you already know this.

Some people have reported that sitting is the worst and almost impossible at this stage. If this affects you as well, try to lie down. Replace your couch with a chair with back support. Sitting should be done on hard surfaces and with back support at all times. The back support must be under a 90-degree angle. You will want to replace your mattress as well. If it is too soft or damaged, you need a new one, much harder. Some people even sleep on the floor during this stage. If this helps you, be free to use the method.

This stage can last between a few days and 2 weeks. It depends on the cause of sciatica and how affected the sciatic nerve is. If it is more damaged, you will need more time. Avoid all physical activity fast moves and anything that can make the pain worse.

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2. Normal movement is possible

After stage one, we have the second stage. Here you will notice improvement. The pain is almost or completely gone and you can move and walk freely. Some pain may still be present. In this stage, it is essential to start working on the activities and make needed changes. For instance, walking every day, swimming and similar activities are recommended. In the second stage, avoid complex activities that will require your body to invest a huge effort. During this stage, you will also avoid running, cycling, and similar activities.

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sciatica and walking

The goal here is to use methods or activities if you prefer that will help you recover completely in no time. It is also an essential stage due to the fact here you can start planning on the future ways you can use to prevent sciatica from happening. This is however a bit more specific and it is known as the third stage, which will be discussed later on.

During this stage, you need to remember two things. Every physical activity is beneficial for sciatica, but a single one won’t work forever. In other words, you need a combination of activities that will help you feel better, healthier and prevent the risk of another attack.

3. Complete recovery and prevention

The third stage means you don’t have any pain at all. You can have a normal life once again. But, it is mandatory to invest some time into finding a way to eliminate sciatica completely. To do that you need to include swimming, walking for miles every single day, and other forms of exercise. Now you are ready to exercise harder so cycling and aerobic can be allowed but in moderation.

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Your training should be simple but effective. The ultimate goal here is to make your back muscles stronger and to increase the flexibility of the spine or better said the whole body. Once this is achieved, the risk from sciatica occurring again is extremely low, almost non-existing.


All of the 3 stages of sciatica recovery are extremely important and each one has its own purpose. Try to recognize in which stage you are right now and act accordingly. Your mission should be to recover completely and to start working on methods that will prevent sciatica from occurring again. Only then you will be safe and you can enjoy your life.

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