Can Constipation Cause Lower Back Pain? – 7 Tips How to Prevent It

Can Constipation Cause Lower Back Pain

If you struggle passing stool on a regular basis – such as daily, chances are you suffer from constipation. Constipation is very easy to describe – less than three bowel movements throughout a week. If you have daily bowel movements and they seem to stagnate, you might have a mild form of constipation. All in all, this issue is usually caused by a blockage – it could be in the rectum or perhaps the colon.

There are causes when an infection, a medical condition or a tumor could cause constipation as well. In this case, constipation could be related to lower back pain – the type of pain that might even extend to your thighs and hips. Now, what should you know before treating this problem? More importantly, can constipation cause lower back pain?

The most common causes of constipation

Constipation may have a few different causes. It is hard to determine the main one because there are so many issues associated with it – it might as well be the symptom of a more severe problem. For example, a lack of fiber in the diet is a primary cause. The lack of physical activity will also contribute to constipation, not to mention stress. If the problem is minor, it is usually related to your diet.

Dehydration is another common cause of constipation. The stool does not get any water, so it becomes hard – making it difficult to eliminate. Certain medications have similar effects and can dehydrate you – this is why you need to ask a doctor if you should have more water. Throw in a low level of exercise and you have the perfect recipe for constipation.

Other than that, women may experience constipation when they are pregnant, as well as lower back pains. Hormonal changes can also be behind such problems. In more severe cases, spinal or brain injuries will also affect the area. Therefore, patients may end up with constipation after such an accident or injury. Now, can constipation cause lower back pain?

Understanding the lower back pain

The lower back pain is a classic. Most people associate it with an unhealthy lifestyle, the lack of physical activity or their jobs. Sitting in a chair for eight hours continuously can cause such problems, not to mention physically demanding jobs. From a different point of view, the backup of stool in the area might be responsible for the discomfort associated with the lower back as well.

If the lower back is severe and you also experience constipation, causes might be a bit more diversified. You might have suffered from a spinal cord injury – these are common side effects then. Suffering from the irritable bowel syndrome can also cause lower back pain, not to mention a spinal tumor, a pinched nerve in the back or the Parkinson’s disease.


Can constipation cause lower back pain?

Simply put, yes, it can. There are some connections between these issues. Constipation has been proven to cause lower back pains due to the extra accumulation of stool, but it can also lead to more severe issues and cause sciatica related symptoms – more common in those who have already suffered from this affection.

Other factors may trigger the relation between constipation, lower back pain and sciatica as well. For example, being overweight is a common cause for all these things and it links everything together. At the same time, having something in the back pocket and sitting on it too often may lead to the same problem – be it a wallet, a hat or your cellphone.

Now, where is the connection between all these? Simple. It is all about pressure. If you have constipation, you end up with extra stool, which means more pressure on the sciatic nerve – it will naturally compress. As a direct consequence, you will end up with lower back pain and leg discomfort – common issues for sciatica.

Both lower back pain and constipation are extremely common in civilized countries – some of the main complaints when people see doctors. When they come together, the necessity of a medical treatment becomes even more obvious, as they might be related to more severe issues – such as sciatica or even colon cancer.


Home treatments for constipation and lower back pain

There are a few helpful tips and tricks to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent or even treat such issues.

1. Hydrate yourself

Water is mandatory for the colon to eliminate and soften stools. Without water, the stool is hard, dry and difficult to eliminate.

2. Get some fiber

Insoluble fiber is a must, so get plenty of nuts, vegetables, whole grains and fruits. They bulk stools for a simpler elimination.

3. Exercise

You do not necessarily need to go to a gym, but opt for any type of physical activity, from basic exercises to running. Do it four or five times a week.

4. Try yoga

Yoga will help with flexibility. Some yoga postures are actually recommended against lower back pain and constipation.

5. Get a stool softener

A stool softener will literally hydrate the stool. It will get more water into the colon to ease elimination.

6. Avoid certain foods

Some foods are hard to digest, but also low in fiber and known to cause constipation. Reduce the intake of dairy products, meat and processed foods.

7. Go for it

Go for a stool whenever you need to. Do not fight the urge or the body will inevitably dry it out.


So, can constipation cause lower back pain? From some points of view, it can. From other points of view, the actual constipation is caused by lower back pain. When the two come together and there are no obvious causes, some lifestyle changes could help you overcome the problem.

On the other hand, constipation and lower back pain may also be some of the main symptoms of sciatica and other medical conditions, hence the necessity of medical advice.

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