Sciatica and Coughing – The Connection & Prevention Tips

sciatica and coughing

Sciatica affects the sciatic nerve and causes pains in the lower back, buttocks, thighs and legs. Coughing is the symptom of various other affections – from a simple cold to a chronic cough caused by smoking. The two issues are referred to as symptoms of specific problems, but they are not related.

However, sciatica and coughing can often come hand in hand. You could have sciatica and catch a cold, for example. If you have ever suffered from coughing while already having sciatica, you probably know the outcome already – a terrible combination that can aggravate the signs of sciatica.

A coughing crisis will increase the severity of your pains. A sneeze will have similar effects. Where is the catch then? Coughing or sneezing will generate some extra internal pressure. This internal pressure adds to the pressure that already targets the sciatic nerve.

Extra pressure will accumulate and target muscles that may already face spasms due to the irritated nerve. Nerve root compression is a direct consequence of coughing, which will inevitably add to the sciatica symptoms.

Sciatica and coughing

Sciatica and coughing are often related. If you know how to deal with sciatica, you may want to know how to prevent potential problems that can lead to coughing as well – from basic colds to more overwhelming flus. A little attention to small details will work a very long way and can help against both sciatica and the issue behind coughing.

Prevention is critical

Always wash your hands, whether you have touched something outdoors or you are about to eat something. Soap and water are essential – you can also use a moisturizer. Hand sanitizers are not really recommended, unless you are on the go. While at home, they tend to dry out the skin.

Washing your hands will not really affect sciatica, but it can prevent the annoying cough from aggravating it.

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Keep hydrated

Your mouth and skin represent some of the most popular ways to get some foreign bodies and microorganisms into your own body. Keep hydrated and drink many liquids – everything will be flushed into the stomach. The strong acids in there can kill plenty of viruses. Have a few sips every half an hour or so or running to the toilet too often can become annoying.

Hydration is also good against the symptoms of sciatica. It helps your body recover and stay healthy – you need a strong body to fight sciatica. Stick to water and herbal drinks, rather than soda drinks – contraindicated when you suffer from sciatica.

Other than that, sciatica is often caused by an irritated nerve root. Spinal discs tend to dehydrate as you get older – this is why sciatica is less likely to affect children. Most people are shorter in the evening because discs compress. Have a good sleep, give them the chance to decompress and keep them hydrated.

drinking water

Refresh your air

Even if it is cold outside and cold weather aggravates sciatica, you still have to refresh the air you breathe. Once you are done, reheat the room. You can also use diffusers and stick to essential oils. They may also help infections, while some of them are proven to help nerves relax.

Essential oils will help against sciatica too, as you will feel calmer. If you want to take this venture even further, you can use essential oils to massage the affected areas too. Some of the best oils to try include eucalyptus, lavender, marjoram and cinnamon. You can also mix them together.

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Maintain the environment clean

Clean your environment – put clothes away. Clean surfaces you touch on a regular basis – focus on switches, handles or metallic elements. Cleaning will eliminate many viruses and bacteria. But then, when it comes to sciatica, cleaning is also a type of mild exercise. It will keep you busy, which is great for your recovery. Do not do it too intensely – go gently and stop if discomfort kicks in.

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