How to Cure Sciatica Permanently – The ULTIMATE Guide

how to cure sciatica permanently

Almost one in two individuals will eventually experience sciatica in their life. The affection is more common in elders, but it could also affect young individuals. The good news is sciatica can go away, as it is curable. However, failing to eliminate the causes could get it to come back at some point or another. Learning how to cure sciatica permanently is not impossible, but there are a few things you need to do.

The affection itself is quite painful and will bring in exquisite pains in the lower back. They can aggravate and go through the hips and buttocks, but they may also affect the legs – usually, just one of them. Now, what options do you have, and how do they actually work?

How to cure sciatica permanently

As with other chronic affections, surgery is the most efficient way to cure sciatica forever. All the symptoms – from pains and tingling to numbness and needles – will become history with surgery. The solution is instant and requires minimal effort. Now, there are more types of surgeries to eliminate sciatica, and the doctor is the only one who can recommend the best one.

1. The discectomy

The discectomy is the most popular choice out there. It simply implies removing the problematic disk. The doctor will identify the disk compressing the sciatic nerve and get rid of it. In other words, this type of surgery eliminates the main cause of sciatica and reduces its recurrence later on.

2. The laminectomy

The laminectomy is just as common. Up to 90% of all patients taking laminectomy will experience immediate pain relief. The procedure is quite invasive though, and again, only a doctor can recommend it. Just like the name clearly mentions it, it clears out the bony lamina. Other parts are also removed – spurs, muscles, or ligaments in the area that could put pressure on the nerve.

A laminotomy may also be recommended when not sure how to cure sciatica permanently. The surgery is similar to a laminectomy. However, it is not as invasive, so it might be a better choice for some people.

3. The foraminotomy

The foraminotomy is not to be overlooked either. The surgeon will look at the vertebrae and open up the foramen on both sides. As a direct consequence, the pressure will be cleared, and the nerves will no longer be compressed. It is an instant cure for sciatica as well.

Last, but not least, the laser surgery is also worth some attention. This procedure implies using a laser beam. It will help the surgeon eliminate the excessive tissues covering the sciatic nerve in the affected area.

Now, despite having more options, it is worth noting that surgery is mostly recommended to critical sciatica sufferers or severe chronic conditions. Therefore, lots of people with sciatica will most likely opt for other treatments.

How to cure sciatica permanently at home

1. Homeopathy

From a technical point of view, homeopathy is not a permanent cure for sciatica, but it will have durable effects, and it might be permanent if you look after yourself. At the end of the day, there are no invasive procedures or medications with side effects either.

Rhus tox is one of the best homeopathic medicines out there. The natural plant will treat most symptoms of sciatica with no issues at all. Colocynthis is not to be overlooked either, yet it is mostly recommended when sciatica targets the left side of the body. If you experience sciatica symptoms on the right side of the body, magnesia phosphorica is the better choice.

If you also experience occasional numbness with sciatica, try gnaphalium and if you have sensitivity in the lower limbs, cotyledon umbilicus will work wonders. Bryonia alba is also good, but mostly recommended for those who experience sciatica pains when walking. Pains that mostly occur when you stand or sit down can be treated with kali iod, while valeriana officinalis is excellent against sciatica pains triggered by stretching.

2. Good posture

Practicing good posture is essential, so feel free to correct yourself or get used to analyze your position every now and then.

3. Yoga

Yoga will also help – if you do need to exercise, opt for some stretching exercises. Core strengthening exercises will also help. The more support you have for your back, the better. Such exercises normally target the abdomen and back.

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4. Heat and cold therapy

Heat and cold therapies are just as handy – ice packs or bags with frozen vegetables, as well as heading pads. You can alternate between these therapies – one after another – a few times a day. Start with the cold one.

5. Massages

Sciatica massages – normally given by someone else or an actual professional will also help, as well as physical therapy. Painkillers will also help, but you should discuss most of these options with your doctor first.


As a short final conclusion, learning how to cure sciatica permanently is not that difficult. Surgery is the only option that will provide permanent results. Luckily, there are other less invasive solutions. While they are not rated to be permanent, they will provide excellent results. Whether you opt for self-care treatments or homeopathy, make sure you try to identify the cause of sciatica too. Get rid of the cause to ensure long-lasting results – even if it does come back, at least you know how to tackle it. Curing sciatica at home should take less than six weeks.

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