Lower Back Pain Right Side Above Buttocks – 10 Causes

lower back pain right side above the buttocks

Lower back pain is an ailment suffered by a lot of people at some point in life. Lower back pain right side above buttocks is commonly caused by damage or an injury of the spinal structures. These include the muscles that are situated in the lower right back, the lumbar intervertebral discs, or even the facet joints. Problems that may come up with these structures will mostly create centralized pain around your spine. Possibly, the pain may be primarily or fully on the right side of the lower back and we analyze why.

Lower back pain right side above buttocks causes

1. A muscle strain on the right lower back

A muscle strain will typically cause lower back pain. If muscles on the right side of the back are affected, then pain will be experienced. Muscle strains will come up after a relatively minor injury and it may also occur after an impact-type of injury. With this, symptoms will include; a restricted motion range, tenderness or swelling, muscle spasms, pain that becomes better with rest, for example, when sitting with propped and supported feet, and pain that increases with activities like standing from a seated position or when getting up from the bed.

2. Spinal stenosis

this occurs when the spinal column narrows due to a herniated disc, an obstruction, or a bone spur. The narrowing results into pain especially if the affected side of the spine is the right one.

3. Lumbar herniated disc(s)

One or more discs that are found within vertebrae can herniate on the spine’s right side, to allow the jelly-like structure within to leak. With a herniated disc, lower back pain will emanate because the area suffers inflammation. This pain may radiate into the right lower back.

4. A dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint

The sacroiliac joint is responsible for the connection of pelvis bones at the base of the spine. If the joint that is on the pelvis’ right-side experiences extremely little or too much movement, pain may be felt on the right lower back above the buttocks.

The sacroiliac joint may suffer an inflammatory condition- ankylosing spondylitis and it may present itself as pain in the lower right back. Ankylosing spondylitis that goes on for a long period may bring about the fusion of spinal joints and vertebrae, limiting one’s motion.

5. A facet joint pain

This is what is medically referred to as osteoarthritis. With this condition, the right lower back feels stiff, tender, and suffers a level of discomfort. Arthritis that affects the spine’s facet joints will possibly reveal such symptoms. There are cases where a nerve situated on the right side of one’s spine experiences compression due to an arthritic bone spur that exists on the facet joint. This can also lead to the pain of the lower back on the right side.
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6. Sciatica

Pressure put on the sciatic nerve will cause pain. Since this nerve stems from the lower back area, if it is pinched or compressed on the right side, pain on the right lower backside will be felt.
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7. A kidney problem

if a kidney is affected by a bacterial or viral infection pain can be felt on the right side of the back. Large kidney stones may bring about blockages that can create pain on the right side of the lower back.

8. Degenerative spondylolisthesis

This occurs when a bony vertebra slips forward over another, that is underneath it. Often, due to the spine’s wear and tear related to age. The condition may put strain on the muscles of the lower back that support the spine and it can cause compression or an irritation of nerve roots resulting into localized lower back pain on the right side.

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9. Cancer that originates from the spine (spinal tumor)

Most spinal tumors will spread to one’s spine after beginning in another body part. A tumor that presses the spine’s right side or a nerve root on the right can cause right lower back pain.

10. Chronic conditions

Chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndromes may bring about an entire body’s musculoskeletal pain. The pain may be localized and felt on the right side of the lower back.

Final Thoughts

Experiencing lower back pain right side above the buttocks is an affliction that can turn chronic. Due to this, if you suffer from pain that does not seem to go away over a long time, you need to seek medical attention. This will address the main cause of the problem and you will be offered a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

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