3 Exercises to Help You Get Rid of Lumbar Facet Joint Pain

Lumbar Facet Joint Pain

Do you experience sharp pain around your buttocks, groin area, or thighs? Well, that could be a condition known as Lumbar Facet Joint Pain. The condition, although not life-threatening, can interrupt your everyday life and make you very uncomfortable. It is caused by a major overuse, and although it can be treated medically, there are home-based remedies you can use to effectively get rid of it. We are going to show you a couple of exercises that have been found to help relieve the pain if performed regularly and in the right manner.

Lumbar facet joint pain exercises

1. Low-Intensity Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercises like walking and bicycle riding improve blood flow to your lower back and help the spine flex. Start slow and gradually increase the pace to the maximum. It is recommended that you ride a stationary bicycle since it ensures a uniform rhythm. However, you must be careful not to make the pain worse when exercising. You must stop the exercise immediately you start experiencing the pain. Low-intensity aerobic exercises are recommended for older people with the said condition because their spines and bodies cannot sustain intense exercises.


2. Hip Flexing Exercises

Lumbar facet joint pain if it goes unchecked for long, can damage the spine gradually. Flexing exercises such as flexing hip stretch have been found to help the spine flex. Follow the following procedure to perform a helpful hip stretch exercise:

  1. Find a soft floor, could be a mat or carpet, and kneel one knee. Put the foot of the other leg in front at just the same line as the kneeling knee.
  2. Slowly lean forward into your knelt knee.
  3. Draw your hips back until you feel the intensity of the stretch.
  4. Kneel the other knee and repeat the procedure.
  5. Now, lie down on your back and wrap your hands around one knee, draw it to your chest slowly until they make contact.
  6. Do the same for the other knew, and then repeat the whole procedure two or three times.
  7. Now, wrap your hands around both knees and repeat the procedure.

3. Exercises with a Foam Roller

Form rolling is another effective exercise that will help you get rid of that nasty lower back pain.

  1. The exercise involves lying on a foam roller in such a way that your shoulder blades are perpendicular to the roller.
  2. Cross your arms around the chest and relax your back muscles.
  3. With your hips raised, roll the foam through the entire length of your back with your legs. Make sure your back muscles do most of the work as you roll.
  4. Regularly pause and take a deep breath, hold it for 30 seconds, then keep rolling.
Foam Rolling

4. Bar Hang-up Exercises

Virtually all exercises used to relieve lower back pain work by decompressing the spine. A bar hang-up exercise can be performed at home by hanging yourself from a pull-up bar. Here is how to perform this exercise to effectively get rid of lumbar facet joint pain:

  1. Put a bar between two anchors or look for an existing one that is stable.
  2. Take a light bar to grab the bar and hang on freely.
  3. Raise yourself slowly until your muscles can’t support your weight anymore.
  4. Lower your body slowly without touching the ground.
  5. Take a deep breath in that position, hold it for some seconds then exhale.
  6. Repeat the procedure for a couple more rounds until you feel your spine is decompressed.
  7. Do this a maximum of five times a week to realize the full benefits.
Bar hang up


In case you didn’t know, conditions such as lumbar facet joint pain can be managed using home-based remedies. Additionally, problems with the spine can be quite difficult to detect medically due to the complexity of the organ. Ironically, conditions of the spine have been treated by merely performing decompression exercises like the ones we have discussed above. However, it is highly recommended that one seeks medical attention if the condition is severe and doesn’t seem to go away after performing these exercises. Most importantly, you can always perform the exercises as a routine even if you’re not feeling any pain.

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